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In-House Laboratory

Petworks has the ability to perform tests in house while you are at your appointment.

What is an In-House Lab?

An in-house lab means that Petworks Veterinary Hospital is able to offer an advanced equipment for laboratory diagnostic testing. Having the in-house laboratory is an important part of caring for and treating your pet. We can perform a number of diagnostic tests Quickly and adequately. Some of the tests can even give us results while you are here for your pet’s exam. Some of the same day tests include a urinalysis, ear or skin cytology, fine needle aspiration and blood glucose testing.

We also send lab work out to be analyzed as well. For example, we send out samples that test for heartworms, complete blood profile and particular diseases that Dr. Callicott may want to rule out. The early detection of an illnesses can elevate patient care and allow fast relief to the patient.

Our in-house laboratory also allows Dr. Callicott to speak with you about results while you are at your appointment rather than over the phone. We are able to perform pre-operative blood work prior to surgeries. And, you are able to ask questions about the treatment or procedure at that time. If medication or other treatment is prescribed you are able to get most prescribed medication through our pharmacy at the same time as your visit.

Petworks strives to provide the highest level of care for your pet’s while also ensuring your happiness with our staff and services. Our in-house lab is one way to establish good communication of diagnostic results, discussion of the treatment plan and most importantly a faster recovery for your furry companion.

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