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Our goal over the years at Petworks Veterinary Hospital has been to provide clients & patients with the most comprehensive veterinary care available, with an emphasis on quality of life. Our highly trained staff pledges dedication to a highly ethical practice serving the community & it’s pets. Our philosophy is one of compassion for all animals, and to promote overall wellness in our patients.

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Petworks proudly offers a wide variety of care options & services for your pet. Include boarding, grooming, and even day care. We also offer a full line of veterinary services, including dentistry, surgery, radiology, and in-house laboratory services. So, you can be sure that your best friend is going to be receiving great care here at Petworks. We will treat your pet with caring hearts and caring hands.

Petworks Veterinary Services

Routine Vaccinations

For new puppies and kittens it is critical to ensure they receive routine vaccinations. Early pet vaccinations protect vulnerable puppies and kittens from known and preventable contagious diseases.


Maintaining routine dental exams for your pet keeps their teeth healthy as well as protecting other vital organs.

Laser Surgery

Laser surgery allows the nerve endings of the tissue to become sealed off. The use of the laser for surgery is far less painful than the traditional surgical blade.

Wellness Exams

Think of it as a routine physical. If a problem is detected in its early stages, it is more likely to be treated and resolved with less difficulty, less expense and better success.

In-House Laboratory

We can perform a number of diagnostic tests Quickly and adequately. Some of the tests can even give us results while you are here for your pet’s exam.

End Of Life Care

We are here to help our patients and their families to make their pet’s final days comfortable and peaceful.

Boarding for Pets

Petworks Dog and Cat Boarding offers a comfortable home away from home for your furry family members. Ensure your pet receives only the best care when you are not able to be with them.

Daycare for Dogs

Do you want Fido or Fluffy to play while you are at work or away for the day? Petwork’s Staff will keep your dog active all day with fun socialization, exercise and lots of love.

Emergency Services

If an emergency occurs after our set hours we want you to be aware of area veterinary emergency hospitals These hospitals offer outstanding emergency care. Pet works considers these area veterinary emergency hospitals to be an emergency extension of us.


Implanting a microchip in your pet is an inexpensive way to give you peace of mind that your pet is permanently identified as yours. It is a safe and reliable way to increase the likelihood of a lost pet returning home.

Cold Laser Therapy

Help reduce inflammation and pain related to musculoskeletal problems (such as arthritis). Cold laser therapy is also used after surgery to facilitate wound healing and a reduction in post-surgical pain.

Ultrasound Imaging

Providing instant images for faster treatment. It is more affordable than other diagnostic procedures such as CT scans and MRIs.Ultrasound has become a very important part of keeping our pets healthy.


There are hundreds of skin diseases and allergies that effect our pets. At Petworks we are able to diagnose and manage many of these frustrating and challenging allergies.

In-Store & On-Line Pharmacy

We offer both in-store & on-line pharmacy options. Order prescription medications, flea/ tick preventative, heartworm medications and prescription diets.


Petworks offers state of art digital radiograph technology. The digital image is captured and saved on a secure server. It will be read at the time of your visit.

TPLO Surgery

The TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) surgery has become one of the most popular orthopedic surgeries performed on dogs who have torn their cranial cruciate ligament, also commonly referred to as a dog’s torn ACL.

Cruciate Ligament Injury

The best way to treat a torn CCL is surgery. Surgery is the only way to permanently control the instability and pain that goes along with a torn CCL.

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Pet Boarding

Ensure your pet receives only the best care when you are not able to be with them.

Doggie Daycare

Petwork’s Staff will keep your dog active all day with socialization, exercise and lots of love.

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