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Petworks will keep your dog active all day with fun socialization, exercise and lots of love…

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Do you want Fido or Fluffy to Play While you are at Work or Away for the Day?

Petworks offers doggie daycare. Your dog is out free in the clinic and playing with friends. The staff also gives lots of love to your pet. It is supervised by staff member(s) at all times. Currently our daycare doggies play hard then all tend to nap together on a large comforter. (What a picture). You may drop your best buddy off at 7:30 am and pick him/her up as late as 7:00 pm. All dogs are walked 2 to 3 times a day. If you would like your companion to have some lunch during the day, we ask that you supply us with the meal.

All the daycare dogs must be current on rabies , bordetella (yearly) and distemper/parvo vaccinations. Your dog must have a stool/fecal check done within the last year, and be on a heartworm preventative that controls intestinal parasites. Examples are Revolution, Heartgard, Sentinel, or Interceptor. All dogs must also be spayed or neutered. If your pet was vaccinated elsewhere please bring in records or we can call to verify the vaccines. We will be happy to vaccinate your pet as needed.

If you are interested in our doggie daycare, we do a 1-3 day trial to make sure all goes well.

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