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Routine Pet Vaccinations

Petworks offers routine vaccinations for dogs and cats. Vaccinations are critical to ensuring your four-legged friend stays healthy from early years into their senior years.

Keep Your Pets Healthy with Routine Vaccinations

Deciding to add a puppy, adult dog, kitten or adult cat to your life is a big decision, one that every responsible pet owner should think through before committing to. Your new best friend will of course need basic love, care, and attention but it is also very important to also take into account and evaluate the “overall” health of your new pet before making the long-term emotional and financial commitment.

For new puppies and kittens it is critical to ensure they receive routine vaccinations. Early pet vaccinations protect vulnerable puppies and kittens from known and preventable contagious diseases. Petworks Veterinary Hospital helps owners protect their pets from illness by providing education on the various types of recommended vaccines available. We understand education is important. Pet owners are entitled to understand how vaccinations work, what types of illnesses they prevent and possible side effects. Routine vaccinations for both canines and felines are a critical step in preventing and thwarting the spread of life-threatening diseases.

During a “first time” pet wellness exam, Petworks’ Veterinarians will provide a routine head to tail physical examination of your pet, discuss with you an health concerns you may have about your pet, provide recommendations for the care of your pet, based on breed, age, weight and other factors. Additionally, our experienced vets will also discuss vaccination options, if your pet has not yet received routine, recommended inoculations.

Petworks’ mission is to help every pet owner establish a care plan for their pet that best fits the need of the pet and the owner. This includes a vaccination plan/schedule (should an owner choose to vaccinate) to ensure every pet is protected from diseases that can cause irreparable damage to their long-term health and wellness.

Petworks is a full service Vet Clinic, we provide all types of services focused on the health and wellness of pets: microchipping, spaying/neutering, dental care, cold laser therapy, in-house labs, radiology and laser surgery to mention a few.

If your pet is in need of scheduled routine vaccinations Petworks makes it easy for busy pet owners by administering vaccination(s) during other scheduled visits to the clinic for services like grooming, boarding, and daycare, this helps cut down on the burden of extra clinic visits to support required inoculations.

To learn more about routine, recommended core vaccinations for both dogs and cats click on the links below. You can read up on each vaccination type; and please feel free to ask us for additional information, we’re here to help!


How Will My Pet Feel After Getting Vaccinated?

Many pets, like people, may feel mild side effects after receiving vaccinations.  Most side effects pass quickly.

Normal symptoms are MILD and DO NOT last long, can include:

  • Mild Fever
  • Decreased Activity
  • Decreased Appetite
  • Discomfort at Injection Site

These symptoms may start within a few hours and generally last only a couple of days.


Learn More About Vaccinations for BOTH Dogs & Cats:

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Petwork’s Staff will keep your dog active all day with socialization, exercise and lots of love.

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