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Do you suffer from allergy symptoms? If you said yes, then you know how uncomfortable and miserable they can make you feel. Our furry companions also can suffer from allergies, just like you.

There are hundreds of skin diseases and allergies that effect our pets. At Petworks we are able to diagnose and manage many of these frustrating and challenging allergies. Dr. Callicott is able to diagnose skin, coat, ear and nail problems. For example, Dr. Callicott may utilizes skin biopsy, dermatohistopathology and deep ear canal cleaning to diagnose a allery or disease. 

Dr. Callicott sees a wide variety of allergies in dogs and cats.  Some of the most common allergies include flea hypersensitivity, food allergies and environmental allergies.Dogs and cats may be highly sensitive to the saliva in flea bites.Dr. Callicott may begin with a medical treatment to make your pet comfortable. The besst  treatment for fleas however, is good fleas prevention and flea control. Flea control includes decontaminating  your living area. Petworks Veterinary Hospital offers several kinds of flea and tic preventatives. Some of these preventatives may be prescription. Petworks also carries products such as medicated shampoos to help reduce the discomfort of your pet. Our groomer is also able to offer a medicated flea bath to help you control this problem.

Food allergies are less common but do exist. A pet may become allergic to something they have eaten for a long duration rather than food that has been newly introduced. Most allergies come from certain protiens in food such as chicken, beef, dairy or soy. A food allergy in your pet presents itself in the same manner in which you react. Your pet may experience itching or digestive problems. It is important to identify the culprit causing the allergy and address it by removing it from your pets diet. Dr. Callicott may begin treatment with one of the many prescription dog or cat foods to manage the allergy. Petworks carries prescription dog and cat foods for a variety of conditions.

The most common allergic reaction in dogs and cats is from environmental factors. These allergens are inhaled or come into skin contact with your pet. Some of the allergens are pollen, weeds,grasses and dust mites. Some allergies are seasonal just like yours. Environmental allergy reactions include your pet startching to scratch an area,licking or chewing their paws and rubbing their face or eyes.  Dr. Callicott will exam your pet and possibly perform tests to diagnose the issue. The allergy can be treated based on the severity of the symptoms.. Your pet may be given allergy midication such as a antihistimine, steroids, allergy vaccines or a combination of treatments. In some cases Dr. Callicott may refer you and your pet to a dermatology specialist for diagnosis and treatment.

Human allergies are not curable and your pets are not either. However, if you work closely with Dr. Callicott to find the right treatment for your four legged friend they will thank you and lead a much more enjoyable life.

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