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Radiology falls under the catagory of diagnostic imaging which includes radiographs (x-rays).

Petworks offers state of art digital radiograph technology. The digital image is captured and saved on a secure server. It will be read at the time of your visit. Dr. Callicott can then look at the x-ray at anytime or send to a specialist if needed. X-rays are usually the first line of imaging. Further diagnostic testing may be needed if the x-ray is normal.

You are in tune to your pets health. You know when your pet has abnormal behavior such as not eating ,not drinking or limping.Your furry four legged friend is not able to tell you what is wrong. So, off you go to Petworks to visit with Dr. Callicott. Dr. Callicott performs a exam on your pet and gets information from you to diagnosis the problem. Sometimes further testing is indicated to collect information to further assist in putting the puzzle pieces together for a diagnosis.

Are X-Rays Harmful to my Pet?

The answer to this question is no. Taking a x-ray is non-invasive and is completely painless. However, if your pet is unable to stay still during a radiograph sedation may be required. This will assist Dr. Callicott is taking an accurate picture. Sedation during an x-ray will also reduce your dog or cats stress and anxiety.During any sedation your pet is closely monitored. Sedating your pet  allows Dr. Callicott to get the best x-ray possible to collect information on your dog or cat so he can determine the problem and form the best treatment plan. A x-ray is able to show fractures, objects that your dog or cat may have swallowed or large body cavaties. Petworks also offers a smaller dental x-ray machinge that allows Dr. Callicott to see your pets teeth that may need treatment.


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