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We have our own in house pharmacy here at Petworks.

In- House Pharmacy

Petworks Veterinary Hospital maintains a fully stocked pharmacy for the convenience of our clients. We can fill most prescriptions for your pet at the time of your appointment. Treatment for your four-legged friend can be started right away. If we are not able to fill a prescription on site, we will call it in to your preferred pharmacy. If our veterinarian prescribes a specially compounded medication for your pet, we will order it through one of the several compounding pharmacies that we use and we will ensure that these types of medications are delivered as quickly as possible.

If your pet is requiring a refill, just simply call Petworks Veterinary Hospital to request the refill. The prescription will be checked for available refills, and then submitted to be filled. If you are needing the refill that day, please let us know so we can accommodate your request.


On-line Pharmacy

Petworks Veterinary Hospital also offers an on-line pharmacy. You will have access to ordering medications, flea/ tick preventative, heartworm medications and prescription diets. Our on-line pharmacy is an accredited distributer of animal health products so all guarantees and rebates will apply. Your on-line purchase will then conveniently arrive to your home, that means less running around for you. Our on-line pharmacy is located under the heading “Shop “on our website.

Please contact Petworks Veterinary Hospital with any questions or for help at 913-381-3131 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.