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Laser Surgery

Dr. Callicott and Petworks are proud to offer laser surgery for our clients.

It is a state of the art surgical tool that offers the safest and least painful treatment for your pet.

The benefits of laser surgery are less pain, less bleeding, less swelling, decreased risk of infection, a quicker recovery and extreme precision during surgery. Instead of using a steel blade to make incisions, a powerful laser is pinpointed on the area. The laser is able to seal small blood vessels and nerves in the area, which allow the benefits mentioned above. Laser surgery can be much more beneficial than traditional surgery. Ask Dr. Callicott what your best option is.

Laser surgery can be recommended for a variety of procedures. It can be used to perform declaws, spays, neuters, small skin tumor removals and much more.
Please call Petworks if you have questions or would like more information on this state of the art technology.