Hi my name is Kari. I am a veterinary technician here at Petworks. I help take care of your fur babies while they visit our veterinary hospital for any service they may need.

I grew up in Okawville, Illinois. I now live in Liberty, Misouri. I worked security supervisor at Harrah’s here in Kansas City. I grew up in a farming community with a lot of dogs, cats, horses, cows and pigs. I now have six dogs of my own and a bird. Believe it or not I also have a fresh water shark. My dogs are Trina (German shepard), Buster (Boston terrier), Max (cockapoo) and Sammy, Bogey and Louie who are shi-tzus.  My bird is a cockatiel named Al, and my shark’s name is David.

One of my dogs became sick and I took time off to take care of him. I found that I had a passion to take care of animals and decided I wanted to change my career. I started my career in veterinary medicine 2012. I have worked at various hospitals around Kansas City before I found my home here at Petworks.

I treat everyone’s pet like they were my own in other words all the pets here are spoiled rotten.  My hobbies include having fun with the staff by playing pranks,  playing softball, playing basketball with my nephew, and of course who doesn’t love the reality television.  If you have any questions regarding pet care & our many services here at Petworks, please give me a call.  I would love to see your four legged baby.   

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