I was born in Denver Colorado and have shown dogs since I was 10 years old. I show and breed English Setters, Boxers, and Beagles. I have also show other breeds as well including German Setters, Brittany, Japanese Chins, Pomeranians, and all 3 sizes of Poodles, bot in conformation and obedience.

I showed horses when I was younger and was a riding instructor that taught day camp for young horse lovers in Oklahoma. I have worked in various other industries from airline maintenance, chemical distribution, to banking.

I really enjoy interacting with people and their pets so since moving to Kansas I have worked in 3 different clinic as a vet technician and receptionist, but don’t mind getting a little dirty when the groomer needed some assistance.

I am an approved Junior showmanship judge for AKC and have really enjoyed helping the juniors in encouraging them to be active in the sport of dog showing. I really enjoy spending time in the mountains and currently own 4 English Setters, 2 Beagles, and co-own 4 Boxers with my mother. I’ve had a beagle qualify in the Top Ten Owner Handles every year since I got my 1st Beagle 9 years ago and a Beagle qualify in the Top Twenty 2 years, as well as an English Setter qualify in the Top Twenty one year.

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