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Laser Surgery

Dr. Callicott and Petworks are proud to offer laser surgery for our clients.

At Petworks Veterinary Hospital it is our mission is to help your furry companions live longer, healthier and happy lives with you. We provide our client’s and patients with the most comprehensive veterinary care available. While we provide overall wellness care for our patients, sometimes pets require surgery for certain conditions. We are proud to offer the latest medical technology of laser surgery.

Laser surgery has many advantages over traditional surgical techniques. Dr. Kent Callicott is highly skilled with laser surgery techniques. We are happy that we can offer this technology to add to the advanced care of your pet.



Laser Surgery is a state-of-the-art surgical tool that offers the safest and least painful treatment for your pets.

The laser is an intense beam of light. Dr. Callicott uses an instrument to control the beam of light to precisely perform surgical procedures.

 state of the art laser surgery for pets overland park ks petworks


Less Pain

Laser surgery allows the nerve endings of the tissue to become sealed off. The use of the laser for surgery is far less painful than the traditional surgical blade.

Less Bleeding and Less Swelling

As with the nerve endings, the laser light also seals small blood vessels during surgery. The sealed blood vessels results in less bleeding, a reduced amount of swelling and a quicker procedure.


The laser light surgery is very precise. It allows your veterinary surgeon to only affect or remove the involved tissue. The laser leaves the surrounding tissue untouched. The traditional surgical tools used do not provide such accuracy.

Decreased Risk of Infection

The laser light itself has high heat. While the surgery is being performed the heat from the light kills bacteria through the affected area. Decreased bacteria with the procedure leads to a decreased chance of infection.


Laser surgery can be recommended for a variety of procedures:

  • Declaws

  • Spays

  • Neuters

  • Small Skin Tumor Removals

  • Cyst Removals

  • Abdominal Obstructions

  • and Much More...

Please call Petworks if you have questions or would like more information
on this state of the art technology.



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