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Virtual Vet Visit

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Many of our clients have various concerns about bringing their pets to the clinic for routine and emergency vet visits. Is your pet stressed out when transported out of their home environment?  Do they hate car rides, unfamiliar sights, and sounds? Are you worried about venturing out due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Petworks Veterinary Clinic in Overland Park, KS understands all these concerns. To give our clients more pet care choices, our veterinary clinic offers clients and their furry family members the option of "Virtual Vet Visits" via the smart phone Medici App. 


What is the Medici App?   

It is a telemedicine app that can be downloaded on your smart device via Google Play or the Apple Store. With the Medici App, pet owners can schedule a virtual vet visit with a Petworks veterinarian.  The Medici App will allow our veterinarians and caring staff to meet with you and your pet face-to-face via the apps video chat feature.  The Medici App also provides additional valuable features that help to keep track of your pets care. 

Virtual Vet Visits (Telemedicine) for Your Pet 

How can a virtual veterinary visit be beneficial for your pet? Although it is not a perfect substitution for an in-person clinic visit, there is quite a bit our staffcan do for your pets during a virtual vet visit. As mentioned earlier Virtual Vet Visits are an excellent option for anxious pets, but they are also a great solution for other reasons:  

  • Pets with Aggressive Tendencies – Avoid unnecessary interaction with other animals at in-clinic vet visits.  Keep your pet stress free, at home with Virtual Vet Visits. 
  • Transportation Dilemmas – Virtual Vet Visits help pet owners who are unable to transport their pet to the clinic, perhaps due to:  mobility issues or the pet owner being non-driving, car is in the shop, shared vehicle is not available or other reasons.  
  • COVID-19 Safety and Social Distancing – Let’s face it, although you love your pet(s) it is important for many clients to take extra precautions and not venture out unless it is absolutely necessary.  Virtual Vet Visits allow clients to take care of their pets’ health needs as well as protect their own health and the health of their loved ones. 
  • Pet Owners with Busy Schedules – “It’s tough to find the time”, we understand!  Virtual Vet Visits cut down on the time it takes to stay on top of your pets’ health and wellness. 

During a Virtual Vet Visit, our veterinarians take the time to first consult with clients about their pet’s healthcare concerns or routine wellness visit checkups.   Via the Medici App’s video chat feature our Veterinarians will visually examine your pet. After the assessment, our vets will diagnose any health issues and recommend a treatment plan and prescribe medications if necessary.  

If a Virtual Vet Visit is not sufficient for diagnosing and treating your pet or there is an emergency, we encourage pet owners to bring their pets in to our Overland Park, KS Vet Clinic for care.   Once your pet is in-clinic we can obtain Labs, X-rays, and provide other services if needed. The charge for the virtual visit will be applied to the in-clinic visit. 

Pet Owners can use our curbside service to drop their pets off for in-clinic treatment. We request that all cats be placed in carriers and dogs be on a leash, to help facilitate their transition from your vehicle to our clinic. Read more about our COVID-19 Safety Practices. 

How Do I Get Started Using the Medici App for My Pets Virtual Vet Visit? 

To get started using the Medici App for your Virtual Vet Visits with Petworks Veterinary Hospital, proceed with the following steps: 

  1. Make sure you have access to a smart device, like a smartphone or computer, with a functioning microphone, speakers, and Web Camera. 
  2. Download the FREE Medici App on your smart device through Google Playor the Apple App Store. 
  3. Fill out Medici’s online patient care form. 
  4. To get connected to Petworks Veterinary Hospital, enter the code KMEGKKYNWH at registration.  
  5. Send a message outlining the reason for your pet’s Virtual Vet Visit to the caring Petworks Staff via the Medici App.  
  6. Our staff will then contact you immediately to schedule your pets virtual visit through the Medici App. 
  7. Click the Medici App icon, on your smart device, at the time of your appointment. 
  8. During your pet’s virtual visit you and your pet will meet with one of our veterinarians who will examine your pet using the video chat feature in the Medici App.  Any necessary treatment recommendations and/or medications will be discussed and prescribed. 
  9. The credit card on file, when you created your Medici App, will be automatically charged once the Virtual Vet Visit is complete. 
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How Much Does a Petworks Virtual Veterinary Visit Cost? 

The cost per visit is $40.  Typically, each virtual vet visit takes about half an hour to complete. If your virtual visit results in the need for you to bring your pet into Petworks, for an in-clinic appointment, the $40 charge for the virtual visit will be applied to your final bill.  


Pet Healthcare Insurance 

For Pet Owners who would are interested Pet Healthcare Insurance, Petworks provides two great options.  Click on the options below to learn more:

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Need Help Paying for Your Pet’s Healthcare? 

Petworks Veterinary Hospital partners with CareCredit.  Use CareCredit to pay for out-of-pocket vet expenses that are not covered by medical insurance (see above Trupanion and Companion. Protect pet healthcare insurance options above).  CareCredit provides special financing options that you may not be able to get with other cards. 

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