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Hello, My name is Destiny Parker. I joined the Petworks Team January 3,2018. I have what I like to call a mini zoo at home. I have 4 dogs all different breeds of all different sizes! I have an Akita named Choji, BullPei named Remy, a Morkie named Edward and last but not least my sweet lil diva Isabella who is a yorkie. Along with my 4 dogs I also have 3 aquatic turtles and a tortoise. I absolutely love animals as you can see. I've always had a passion for working with animals for as long as i can remember. There is nothing better then waking up and doing what you love. I am also currently expanding that knowledge by taking classes towards my Bachelors degree in Animal Biology.

Life has just got super exciting for me because along with my four legged babies at home, I also have a two legged baby as well named Damian and he is my first! New Mommy :)