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Hi, I am am Amanda Petworks groomer. First, a little bit  about myself.  I am a pet lover of all animals. I have a variety of pets which include three python snakes named Luna, Lokie and Mya. I also have two dogs, Enzo and Sadie. I bring my furry friends to work with me daily. Enzo is a doberman pincher who is still in his puppy stage. And, Sandie is my darling King Charles Cavaler. They often stay in daycare while I work.

Hi, I am Amanda. I am the groomer here at Petworks. I have been grooming for 9 years. I groom both cats and dogs of all sizes.I received my training from my Aunt  who is a groomer. She taugt me hands on for a year to learn the skills required to groom your four legged friends. After learning and gaining experience from my Aunt I ventured out on my own. I am able to groom all breeds of dogs and cats. I will listen to what kind of cut you would like and call you if I need more information in order to groom your companion as you like. I will also just do a bath or bath and brush.I am also able to identify many problem areas while grooming such as itching skin or allergies as well as fleas. I would call you and suggest a possible flea bath or special shampoo for itchy skin. If I were to notice anything else out of the ordinary such as a lump I would call you and see if you wanted your dog or cat to see Dr. Callicott while they were here. The grooming includes a bath, cut, toe nail trim, ear cleaning and anal gland expression upon request. Are you dog's nails really sharp? You can ask me to use a drimmel. This makes the  nails nice and smooth to reduce scratches. I am able to help with many issues with grooming. If you are new to Petworks please call to get a price quote on how much it would cost to groom your breed of pet. I work Monday through Friday.  I usually do 2-4 dogs daily. However, if several larger dogs are scheduled I may take less on that particular day. I am able to complete you pets groom by mid to late afternoon. We will call you when your kitty or doggie is ready to be picked up.Please call and ask for me if you have questions. I look forward to pampering yor pet with a day at the "spa".